Skip It If You Can!

Street Corner Poetry
from the New York of the 80s

With CD

What thrillers, what gruesome tales of horror could be imagined around lines like
"Gouge it. Slurp it. Keep it in." (p. 73)
Or think of what the painting might show.

Percussion by words. Grounded in tense, menacing NYC street corners of the 80s. Sinister commands. Needless to say, such cauldrons have by no means disappeared from today's city life. Lyrics tell devastation of gut and limb. Rhythms in sync also with the pounding and stomping machinery of the industrial past.

The author was raised in the raucous port of Hamburg. His debut exhibition “of Nothing” caused a scandal all the way to Japan. He soaked up languages, living in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and in New York City from 1978 to 2000 before vanishing into the remote reaches of China for the better part of a decade.

Schuldt is a writer and artist who invents things that haven’t been done before. He emerged from China with a trove of pictures shown in museums and galleries in Shanghai, Berlin, Moscow, NYC, Hamburg, etc. For the last five years he has been writing OPPROBRIUM, a 1000-page critical and satirical dictionary of the living German language. Shorter books got written in-between, for recreation as it were.

Skip It If You Can!

Skip It If You Can!

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